If your problem is about emotions, then just a diet can’t help. Hypnotherapy can.

It is the Mind-Body Connection.

Finally, Lose the Weight

     If you’ve tried lots of popular programs that haven’t worked, let’s use hypnosis and develop a unique program custom made for you.

Speaking engagements

Weight Loss

Sept. 22, 2010

San Francisco Vegetarian Society.

“How To Lose Weight Even While Eating A Pizza”    included catered vegan meal

601 Van Ness, Opera Plaza,

San Francisco

Nutrition Associates


I, Alan Barsky, have worked with over 20 different weight loss companies in a variety of capacities, over 20 years. This has taught me the “inner secrets” that allow me to help people lose weight easily, without suffering.

I learned techniques by seeing what the other organizations did right and what they did wrong.

    When I first began with Weight Watchers® many years ago, my assignment was to interview success stories for their newspaper.  I learned that people can get control of their weight and body image through their attitudes

and thoughts.  I discovered that one’s concept

of his or her own body image has more to do

with weight than the food one eats. I resolved

to learn as much as possible and throughout

my work with many other weight management

companies. Eventually, I developed my

own program that is more than a diet.

It is an easy to follow set of attitudes and belief in one’s self  that can be set in place through hypnosis.

Hundreds and hundreds of folks have gone through this process to their own personal success. No more struggle. No more diets. And you can keep it off for your entire life. Because this way all makes sense.

Read below what more clients say about the best ways How To Lose Weight, with  Alan Barsky’s Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss:

Emotional Eating disappears

"…made a big difference. My refrigerator is full of healthiest tasty food imaginable…and I feel great. The magic thing is that it helps me with not just food, it's like with everything; little things I need to do, tasks that I don't want to do. Anything where I just would rather sit. Something in my head is more open to acting.”

     Ann P.,  Mother and housewife, Sausalito

“…and I found myself not reaching for my midnight snack anymore”

    Tony Alex., CEO, Geo Data Resources, San Rafael, in Marin County

"Oh, my gosh…such a help. Food tastes better. I'm not kidding you. Significant changes. I feel like a new person. I am ordering healthy things. I feel good… look good…feel healthy and know I am taking care of myself.. I look forward to our next session.

     Carol.A.,  Photographer, Mill Valley, in Marin County

“What great support.”     Sarah Ross, Greenbrae

Copyright 2012. Alan Barsky. All rights reserved Quantum Focusing® is a registered trademark of Alan Barsky & Michael Ellner in the United States, Japan, and the European Community.   Quantum Focusing products and services are licensed nationally and internationally. Inquiries to Alan Barsky, Hypnotherapy Marin, 32 Eugene Street, Mill Valley, CA  94941

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My ebooks website

I’ve been Helping

people Lose Weight

for over 20 years

“I lost 15 pounds AND the fat under my chin went away”. Richard.V. Attorney, San Francisco                                                                                         

“Ummmm, I’ve lost 40 pounds already and I feel so much better about myself”.         teenager, 15 years old, male,  Larkspur, Marin

LOST 67 pounds over one year and has kept it off for years!     “Alan, I lost 67 pounds, since I’ve worked with you!  I feel better and happier.”          Sam Sashin, Financial Marketing, Tiburon, in Marin County


“My visits with you have helped me stay with my diet.  People ask me what I've done to lose weight and I always explain that the hypnosis was the key factor.”      Maureen Kaplan,  Attorney, San Francisco,


“I’ve been going on and off to Weight Watchers for years.. Alan’s help was the missing ingredient for me to finally succeed. I got rid of those last ten pounds that just seemed to be the hardest to get rid off. It was healthy and fast.

   Jessie Cohen, Mill Valley, in Marin County


“I am not a cook, so Jenny Craig is perfect for me (and my name is also Jenny, so :-).   But I found myself eating more than the program allowed. And snacking when I shouldn’t. And sometimes eating at restaurants and ordering whatever I wanted.  Alan Barsky has a unique way of hypnotizing a new relationship between me and my food. Everything works now.”

    Jenny Stuart, Graphic Artist, San Francisco


“I listened me most every night to the recording of the session you gave.....it works....it’s been 3 months...‘fluffy’, no more! I even feel healthy.”

    Susan K., Larkspur

  1. Lost 30 pounds and kept it off

“I never thought I could lose the weight I have been carrying for years. Part of it was emotional turmoil from my divorce. It took some time and effort, but it has been two years and I have maintained my “goal weight”. I don’t even think of myself the same anymore. It has been a true life changing experience. Healthy and fast. I am sending you my nephew, in his 20’s, for you to help, too.

Thank you,”

   “ Susie Q.”,  Novato, Marin County

Alan, Something is working 

“I am back from LA.  I had to laugh - 3 people said something like: “Have you lost weight?”, “You look thinner,“ “You have such a glow.” 

“Ha ha”, I said, “Alan Barsky must have hypnotized YOU!”    Thanks Alan.  It IS working!”

   Pat W.,     Creative Art Director, Travel Magazine

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Hypnotherapy Marin

Hypnotherapy Marin,

Brides and Bridesmaids can lose weight as a group. Special sessions for your wedding party, to get ready for the special day.

“Someone asked me yesterday, ‘Hey you look different…new glasses, new haircut…?‘

   I thought ‘Maybe is the thirty pounds I lost with Alan and Weight Watchers®’.  The hypnosis got me serious about losing weight and even though I went before to WW with no success, everything turned around after the hypnotherapy sessions.”

Pru Starr, English Teacher,  Tamalpias High School, Mill Valley,

(Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area, California)

You are no Pea In A Pod. You are unique. You deserve your own private

custom program that works

for you and who you are.

I offer a group presentation at your place of business called
“How To Lose Weight While Eating A Pizza”. It is fun and filled with many ways to lose weight by HOW you eat, rather than WHAT you eat. This is fast, healthy weight loss that lasts.
Bring me in to speak to your business or organization and get a free private session for yourself.

Want to know how can you eat bread and not gain weight?

Call Alan Barsky


email alan

My ebooks website

“Change your mind, Change your life”

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Alan Barsky

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello Alan,


    I can't tell you what an unexpected pleasure it was yesterday, and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave to me.  Words seem inadequate to express my gratitude, but they're all I have:-(   Something deep and fundamental changed during the session and I spent the rest of the evening and journey home processing it all.  I wish I could consciously remember more of it as I remember it was poetry in motion, but I know my unconscious remembers every word you said.  You really are hugely talented, and although you joked about not having enough intuition, you intuited exactly what I needed to hear.   

I really wasn't expecting such a treat for my soul as I pondered, earlier in the morning, whether leaving my house on a cold, dark, wet day was the right thing to do.


Thanks again and look forward to seeing you next time…  Olivia O’Hanlon

Personal Weight Loss

in Private Hypnotherapy sessions

112 Testimonials. Free Consultation. Serving clients local Hypnotherapy in Marin County, CA; Belvedere, Corte Madera, Sausalito, Fairfax, Greenbrae, Kentfield, Larkspur,  Mill Valley, Novato, Ross, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Tiburon. Some people drive in from Sebastopol, Petaluma, Sonoma, and Napa.

“Dear Alan:  Thank you for this healing session and for this recording of the session. It has allowed me to actually stay on the diet for a week now which is longer than I've been able to stay on a diet for a very long time. I've lost six pounds so far. It's a good start...  “       Sincerely, Karen

"I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks. Lost 60 pounds over 4 months. Alan made it much easier---kept me On Track. It gave  Weight Watchers®  program a chance to work without the suffering. It kept the cravings under control. Now, I see myself thin and am happy to keep looking good."

    Sara. D., Graphic Designer, Larkspur, in Marin County

Here Is The Way
You Can Lose Weight, 
And Stay Slender For Life

Dear Reader,
    Yes, it is possible to lose extra weight. And keep it off forever. 
Without a struggle.

    Trade in your Will Power, for something that works. The secret is in your Thoughts.  Thoughts that cause emotions. Emotions that trigger eating and not noticing how much you are eating, till you get that feeling, but by then, it is too late.

If your Thoughts rule your Behavior, 
You are doing it backwards

    As you learn to Rule Your Thoughts, you make better choices. You become the best you can be in every way; mentally and physically. And you find it is more rewarding to make good choices then.

    Imagine an easy answer. What if the problem was not any bad foods you eat, but how you THINK about the food. With a ‘change of mind”, you will be amazed to find yourself automatically following the what works for you for a change.

The Easy Way To Lose Weight

    Meet Alan Barsky, who has developed the solution. He spent years within the weght industry before he became a hypnotherapist, so now he combines both skills to get you results. 

    You lose weight by simply thinking differently. It is the strategic, but simple plan of a weight expert who has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off, in private and group sessions.

    Alan is a professional who understands the science of weight management, utilizing the same thing that got you in trouble in the first place--your thoughts!

“Having the weight mentally lift off my shoulders, 
was the best part!”

    His concepts are endorsed and recommended by major nutritionists, doctors and other health professionals. 
click here for reviews, testimonials and endorsements 

    Alan shows you a way to re-think about your relationship with food, and to relieve your anxiety about having to lose weight. What is your best overall weight, to your own standards? And that alone, makes a tremendous difference in reducing your stress as well.

    During your first session, Alan listens to you carefully to hear and  uncover some of the real reasons why you may have gained weight, even if sometimes you don’t seem to know yourself. Then custom designs a program to fit your wants and needs, to fit your personality. Being yourself makes it easier for you to achieve success.

The “Not A Diet” Method
    You go on a diet of words and thoughts, and that is more effective than merely a diet of foods. The science of the mind succeeds where others have failed. 

    You are motivated to begin a new lifestyle--a lifestyle which enables you to shed pounds during your program with him—fast and healthy weight loss. YOU TAKE ACTION. And, because it is not a diet, but a way of thinking, you keep it off, forever.

    One client has called it “Mind Over Platter”.

    If you are tired of searching for diets  plans that just offer you the same thing again and again, if you want something that lasts for life, if you are tired of crash or fad diets that puts you on an emotional and physical roller coaster, call Alan on the phone now, and succeed.

   Call Alan Barsky at  415-389-9444  .     
Free Phone Consultation and information  . 

Who is Alan?


Alan’s method of losing weight is often called:

“How To Lose Weight While Eating Pizza.

Lose weight no matter what food you are eating.

These are 20 very specific, easy to follow, simple ways to absolutely, positively help you Lose Weight by HOW you eat, rather than WHAT you eat. They quickly become your daily Good Habits that last a lifetime.

PLUS, we use a gentle, natural hypnosis to enlist your subconscious mind in the solution, so you find yourself doing the right thing, automatically. WIthout having to think about it anymore.

Call 415-389-9444 now for more information, and  FREE PHONE CONSULTATION and let Alan know what keeps you from losing weight now. Because he can devise a program for you personally,

so can you finally see yourself at the weight you have always wanted to be.

Some people are on Weight Watchers® and other diet programs and come see me to stay on that diet.. I am happy to help

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Fill yourself up with self-esteem,

instead of emotional eating.

when You Feel Good

About Yourself,

you eat less

“The solution of thinking differently using easy self-hypnosis, works, when you have the right voice behind you!  Self-Talk becomes POSITIVE self-talk and what a difference in my life!”   Elise S.

Here’s The Secret in a nutshell

The San Francisco Bay Area woman’s lament.

“I work too hard, I eat too much, I diet too much, I drink too much, I shop too much, I give too much and still feel this sense of hunger inside.”

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.~ Henry David Thoreau

Call 415-389-9444 to talk directly with Alan Barsky, and get more information and a free consultation over the phone.

This is DO-ABLE Weight Loss

Famous Stars who used Hypnosis to get what they want in life



Bring me in to speak to your business or organization to do a stress relief seminar and get a free private session for yourself.