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Alan Barsky has spoken at a number of conferences all over America for the two decades: Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, and more...

     He has been an Adjunct Teaching member at National Guild of Hypnotists, International Medical and Dental Association, International Hypnosis Federation, International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

     He has conducted workshops at all these professional conferences, sometimes with his business partner and co-author Michael Ellner.

     The topics range across the myriad of Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Healing.

Featured Presenter at the International Health and Wellness Summit in July, 2020, on Zoom. Presented on "Anxiety Relief during these times"

Trichotillomania Presentation at HypnothoughtsLive 2019

IN Las Vegas

World's largest Hypnosis Conference

AND 2020, but on ZOOM, due to Covid 19.

Joseph Onesta, Hypnotist



"I thought Alan Barsky's presentation at Hypnothoughts was wonderful and took all the scary parts out of working with this problem. It's too early, I think to get the recording, but Alan Barsky is wonderfully approachable. He's tagged here. (Yes, Alan, I can still say and spell it.)"



2019 American Council Of Hypnotist Examiners:

Alan was a Featured Speaker full-day seminar;

March 20th, 2019.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Radical Hypnotherapy Through A Mindfulness Perspective,

Alan Barsky                      9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Easily master compelling reframes and practical techniques to be used with most every client. Digest “21 Things That Worked for My Clients” in a full day of exploring a myriad of methods and clever wording that slips into the heart. Travel from “Trichotillomania” through “Weight Loss”, gathering a long list of both Big-Picture and Targeted-Concepts that have proven effective for thousands of private clients. Useful for both experienced hypnotherapists and newbies. Effective, often lighthearted ways to handle serious issues. Mind-changing strategies from Ormond McGill to Fritz Perls. Packed with story-telling, case histories and group demonstrations with a few trances. Surprisingly fun, engaging day of learning.
Alan Barsky has a Clinical Hypnotherapy/Medical Support Hypnosis practice in San Francisco area. Worked directly with Weight Watchers® and 20 other weight management companies. Co-author with Michael Ellner of the Quantum Focusing Self-Hypnosis series.

Pre-register and save!

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"Alan, on behalf of all your friends at the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done! Thank you for your excellent presentations". —  Dr. John Butler.

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Before the class; here is what we will be studying:

Rene Brent  "I Love this guy. Great classes Alan Barsky"
ellner barsky medical support poster.jpg

After a class, most people are gone, places are set up for the next speaker, however some stick around to play...learning Facebook Live technology

Timothy L Trujillo Thank you Alan. It was such a joy to spend time together. Thank you for your contributions as a presenter at the Council’s HypnoConnect, and thank you for your inventive contributions to the profession of hypnotism.


Brainview Training Institute, Avon OH •  Coaching

Alan is a very caring guy. Knows his stuff. He will be a good fit if you are looking to consult with someone who can really help you with your change work. Susan Fox, CHT 2019

Keridwyn Deller wrote:

'Alan,I really admire your flavor of teaching and  style/philosophy". 2019

Thank you:

"First, I want to say it was a great time talking with you. You are quite something. You listen and respond with such genuine interest, it was very refreshing! 

Second, I went to your HOPE COACH seminar, in the brief time you spoke I became a better hypnotherapist.  The way you explain things regarding weight are awesome!  I have been flubbing my way through my interpretations, which seem to be having effects on clients. Thanks! "

Elizabeth K., Hypnothoughts Live Seminar, 2014

90 second definition of hypnosis, during San Francisco Business Conference

Alan _Barsky Tric Presentation HTLIVE 20

2018 Trichotillomania Presentation to filled room in Las Vegas hotel at the world's largest professional hypnosis conference

Video on Alan's Hypnosis practice and hypnosis itself. Produced, directed and shot by two Redwood High school students for their psychology class. And yes, they got an "A".

Linett podcast alan barsky.jpg
2018 comments from Las Vegas
Hypnosis conference from
fellow professionals
Kelli von Heydekampf:

Thanks again to Alan Barsky for his great Trichotillomania class...the session ended today with the client making her fist of power holding on to this lil' guy. The finger puppets were awesome! Thank you!

Shannon King, CNTC 3:19 PM, 2018

"Mindfulness is walking through a room and not bumping into anything." Alan Barsky I love it!! :) 

I used it at my 3-day event this week and credited my friend, Alan Barsky. Master Hypnotist!"

Kelley T. Woods. manages "Hypnosis for Kids". 
"I love you, Alan Barsky. When you attended Roger and my presentation, your absolute present and joyful state was so delightful. You could probably make a living as a positive resource!"

2018 Podcast Interview Overview on Alan's methods for Hypnotic Self-Care

Alan Barsky joins me today to share his thoughts on mindfulness and why illnesses such as anxiety and depression run rampant in today’s society. He explains how he uses mindfulness techniques to empower his clients to focus on more useful, actionable, and positive aspects of their lives while reclaiming control over their thoughts and emotions. He also explains how his process helps his clients understand and realize their strengths and weaknesses and leverage them to promote a deeper appreciation of themselves.


Alan is the founder of Marin County Hypnotherapy, a hypnosis practice based in the San Francisco Bay area with a unique focus on using mindful hypnotherapy to help individuals overcome stress and anxiety as well as stop smoking and lose weight. He is a public speaker, author, mindfulness consultant and educator as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Hypnotist. He has successfully helped thousands of clients, across multiple industries, reset their thoughts and emotions through his mindful hypnosis techniques.

“Your mind is your servant. It works for you.” – Alan Barsky

  • What inspired him to begin a career in hypnotherapy.

  • Lessons he has learned from working with group hypnosis clients that he has implemented into his one-on-one client sessions.

  • Trends he has noticed while working with hypnosis clients.

  • The process he uses to help his clients understand and realize their strengths and weaknesses and how it helps them find a deeper appreciation for themselves.

  • How his 7 Life-Changing Sessions help his clients adjust to “adult life” through mindfulness.

  • The difference between sadness and depression.

  • How he empowers his clients to take control of their thoughts and emotions.

  • How mindfulness strategies impact hypnotic self-care results.

  • Empowering clients to practice self-hypnosis techniques beyond the hypnotic office.

  • How Quantum Focus techniques help refocus thoughts and emotions on more helpful, useful, and positive life experiences.

  • His previous experience of working with clients with catastrophic illnesses and diseases and how it has impacted his approach to working with stress and anxiety clients.

  • Strategies he uses to build rapport and relate to his client’s and their circumstances.

  • Visualization and breathing techniques he implements into his mindful hypnosis practice.

  • His definition of mindfulness.

  • Why he strongly believes in giving clients “homework” to reinforce the techniques and strategies used in each session.

  • How many sessions are necessary for clients to experience the maximum benefit and results from his mindful hypnosis techniques.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Alan Barsky:  "The Mill Valley Hypnotist"Marin County Hypnotherapy

Before 2018

There are so many. I am just starting to add them onto this website:

Over 50 National teleconferences. Dozens of professional seminars. Plus Co-Hosting the 2015 Legal Aid of Marin Fundraising Auction, and much more...

"Hey Alan. With Michael’s transition, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the classes you two taught. The first time I met you guys was in a Post  Conference class at the last IMDHA Conference in Detroit about 2004. I have so much respect and admiration for the work you did. Nadine and I still use much of what we learned. All the best to you. "

Randall Winter, Austin, Texas

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