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It's time to turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, to get you the life you want.

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        Ever wonder if you are getting in the way of your own success?  If you can stop sabotaging yourself, success comes easier. That is why people choose hypnotherapy, because you can reprogram your

thoughts and emotions to succeed.

        Alan's system increases your self-confidence, and works more in the positive, so you handle your life differently.  It gives you the

Motivation to make the change.

         Ask yourself—is your struggle a conflict between your body and your mind and your emotions?   If yes, than this body-mind therapeutic hypnosis is for you.

         The problem and the solution:  Your negative thinking makes you act out against your own best interests because your subconscious mind is not in agreement with your conscious mind. That is why people call a Hypnotherapist to work with. Hypnotherapy empowers the hidden part of your mind—your subconscious—to work with you, to get what you need.  You get more work done. Your relationships become more rewarding.  What do you wish to change, if you knew how..?

Mindful Hypnotherapy with  Self-Hypnosis?

           By including both these two practical tools, effective, positive thinking becomes under your control.

        Experience this valuable "me" time for yourself. Each session is designed just for you.


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  Alan Barsky,  M.H., C.HT
Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Certified Master Hypnotist.
Co-Author of four books on Mindful Hypnotherapy.
• Motivational Speaker
• Executive Coaching
1,000+ clients since 2002.
Office in MILL VALLEY, Marin County,
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Meet Alan Barsky

Meet Alan Barsky

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