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Awash in a sea of emotions?  

Let's turn your unhelpful thoughts into useful thoughts, to get the results you want.

Call upon an experienced, Certified Hypnotherapist, with a hypnotic voice, and a big heart...

       Why sabotage yourself again, when you can reset your thoughts and emotions?

          You can, because all human beings can.              

          You absolutely can empower the hidden part of your mind-your subconscious-to work with you, to get what you need.


           Alan Barsky adds Mindfulness Tools to the Hypnotherapy. It doubles the effectiveness, and you learn a type of Self-Hypnosis to take home and use on your own. Your thinking becomes under your control, as you breathe through life easier.

        Experience this valuable "me-time" for yourself. Each session and program is designed for you and you alone. 

          It is up to you now.


Curious?  Explore with a phone call.    Alan is easy to talk to.     

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"Tell me what's on your mind"


  Alan Barsky,  M.H., C.HT
Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Certified Master Hypnotist.
Co-Author of four books on Mindful Hypnotherapy.
• Motivational Speaker
• Executive Coaching
1,000+ clients since 1999.
Office in MILL VALLEY, Marin County,
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Which of your habits

are you ready to switch

off...or on?

• Looping THOUGHTS?

Every issue can be helped by gaining
self-confidence. I have a special system that identifies your authentic strengths.
Because when you feel better about yourself, all change becomes easier.
"Alan changed my Life.  I feel good about me,  now.
I follow my strengths, and somehow just forget to do 
my wrong thing."  
Carolyn Stern, Interior Designer

"Quiting smoking is very fast. I stopped smoking in two hours flat, with Alan. That was 8 years ago.  I recommend calling him". 

Bill Costello, retail store owner, San Rafael

HALF-A-PACK-A-DAY? = $1,825 for cigs

PACK-A-DAY? = $3,650 for cigs

"Currently, you may be spending as much as $1,825 per year on your cigarettes. (half a pack

a day x 365 days x $10 pack).  10 years, $18,250

10 years, at $10 a pack $36,500

American Spirit's SECRET?  Alan Barsky says: "In Marin County, many people who see me chose American Spirits as their brand.      Want hidden information about the American Spirit brand, that is really bad that the tobacco company doesn't want you to know?


I , Alan Barsky, Used To Work For A Tobacco Company.  I know what is TRUE

One of my own first jobs after college, was in Marketing Research, where one of our clients was the Virginia Slims cigarette brand. I have the inside scoop on how these companies think and act, as I was one of “them" for a while. Ironically, the American Spirit packaging cleverly reveals it all. I will show you where to look when we get together."

Want To See What You Will Look Like

If You Keep Smoking?    click

Free Recording from each Session
Replay at home for reinforcement. It is your private, custom hypnotic Self-Hypnosis library, that you can play again and again for years.



Anne A., Registered Nurse, tells of her experience

in her first session.

Chris W..,Set Designer, tells of his experience working with Alan.

1. First, we listen to what your needs and wants are, because sessions are designed individually for each person. We may add insight into your present strategies.  Plus, we include mental tools to help you back at your home or office.

        2. Then, it is time for the hypnosis parts, which we record for you to take home for a lifetime of support.     

         3. Essentially, you sit back and melt into rhythmic inductions, which transform your thinking patterns.

         4. The result? Over the next days and weeks, you feel better about yourself. Include Mindful practice on your part, and your positive actions and helpful habits become natural and automatic. 



"Instead of my thoughts and emotions controlling my life, I control them now. I didn't know how to do it or even that I could. You are a Thoughts and Emotions Magician."       Carol Rosen, Actress, Novato

In a comparative study of choices

published in American Hypnosis Magazine:

• Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

• Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

• Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions





• 25% of my clients resolve issues in one session

• 70% within three sessions.

• 95% within six sessions, and show significant change in a number of issues

(85% of cigarette smokers, 1 session)

Free Phone Consultation,  directly with Alan.
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Alan is Recommended:

Reviews, Testimonials, and Endorsements.

Clients, doctors, and other major medical professionals, endorse Alan Barsky's hypnotic work, books, and recordings

                         "Alan is a competent, trusted, and effective hypnotherapist.”     

  Dr. Gerald S. Cohen, Menlo Park, CA

                      "Alan is easy to talk to, because he brings a high degree of committment and professionalism."

  Errol Strider, Radio Commentator, Playwright

and Educator.

"I happily endorse Alan Barsky.”
    Dr. Eric Greenleaf, Larkspur

        “A therapist you can trust.  Alan Barsky is

a man you can FEEL SAFE with. 

       Sharing all your innermost fears is not always

easy, but with Alan, it is. He makes feeling better and stronger as a person, a process that is fun and safe.

You have to call Alan Barsky!”

  Danielle Aguilar, Hair Sylist/Colorist, San Rafael, CA

Read Barsky & Ellner’s books using

self-hypnosis for How To Get Unstuck 

or IBS Relief.

         "...These are helpful self-hypnosis books for those ready to start on the journey of self-empowerment."       Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D

“Alan listens.   I felt valued, acknowledged, appreciated, seen and heard.  He took me seriously. Best Hypnotherapist.”       

  Sandy Cohen, MFT,  Marriage Family Therapy Counselor

“Alan gave me the courage to finally make my life happen. People know him as "The Mill Valley Hypnotist”. I know him as the best hypnotist." Laurie Adams, Corte Madera, CA

"Top rated hypnotherapist."

David Werber, Attorney

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"All your life. You ... You were only waiting for this moment to be free"        Paul McCartney

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