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My books and recordings

including the popular "How To Get Unstuck " book with recordings

to match the self-hypnosis chapters

are presently sold on this website under SHOP on the top right side of the menu above.  

Why buy Alan Barsky's books?

The Quantum Focusing Series, co-authored with the famous Michael Ellner has captured the imagination of medical and health professionals the world over.


Quotes from medical professionals:


"Remarkable self-help books designed to enhance one's relationship with oneself, others and the universe . . . helpful to individuals who suffer from physical and or emotional problems as  well as those who simply want to get more out of life."

Michael B. Schachter, MD

President, Foundation for the Advancement

of Innovative Medicine​

"Helpful guidebooks for those ready to start

on the journey of self-empowerment."

Bernie Siegel. M.D. Author,  "Love, Medicine & Miracles”

"The IBS Relief Workbook” is an excellent resource for anyone

with chronic illness or just interested in health.

It teaches practical skills for a range of disorders. 

I highly recommend it."

Frank Lipman, M.D.  Internal Medicine, Stress Medicine

"What admirable books!                    

While experimenting with the salutary exercises, their capacity to foster healing, joy, and inspiration became clear. These comprehensive methods of self-invigoration offers readers a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap from the injurious habits  of the past to a new standard for living. It is an invaluable aid in the development of self-reliance."

Sankara Saranam Author of “God Without Religion” and founder of The Pranayama Institute

"One of the more insightful books on the subject and clearly a valuable tool.  I highly recommend it."

Gary Null, Ph.D. Health Educator & Investigative Journalist

“Quantum Focusing for IBS”  is highly recommended.”

Rashmi Gulati, MD

• "Quantum Focusing, a virtual owner's manual for the mind, is exceptional. Ellner and Barsky have captured the essence of the world's sages . . . It is a primer for anyone who wants to live to the fullest."

Anne H. Spencer, Ph.D., Director, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association

• "Quantum Focusing presents the interrelationship between mind, body and spirit with precise clarity, making it a must read for anybody."

Dr. Patricia Trowbridge, DCH, RN

"This empowerment system offers both the practical and strategic tools necessary to focus and optimize one's inner resources in difficult times. The beauty of it is that you don't need a serious crisis in order to benefit from this easy-to-learn system of self-empowerment and self-development. The Quantum Focusing program is for anybody who wants to improve their lives. 

I highly recommend  Quantum Focusing"
Michael Zaslow (You may know him better as 'David Renaldi'

of One Life to Live and/or 'Roger Thorpe' of Guiding Light.)

“Once you've learned Quantum Focusing, you can transform and improve every aspect of your life. Ellner and Barsky illustrate how their methods work with objectives as different as how to play better golf, how to lose aches and pains, and how to care for you inner child! More important, they teach you how to apply these methods to whatever you want to focus on and change. You can create the results you want quickly and permanently. This book should be required reading for everyone who wants to make a radical change for the best in their lives.        

I recommend it!" ​

William Horton, PsyD, Author, Designing Your Destiny, Founder/Director, National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programmers.

"Quantum Focusing is a powerful program for self-development, spiritual growth and success in life. Whether you're living with illness or simply seeking a greater degree of wellness, this book will truly help you to create the life you want to live."​
Andrew Cort, D.C., J.D. Author,         Our Healing Birthright​

• "...a challenging book for those seeking to understand faith, hypnosis and placebo to change their brains and minds."

Rabbi Eric R. Braverman, M.D. Medical Director, Princeton Associates for Total Health​

• "A good read that's got great stories and understanding of most of the challenges we all face today. The Quantum Focusing exercises are easy, short, pointed, penetrating and powerfully effective. Quantum Focusing is comprehensive and a timely synthesis of many of the self-help tools out there."

Dr. Neil J. Salka, Director of Chiropractic Care, Center for Traditional and Non-traditional Healing​

"QUANTUM FOCUSING is the ultimate self-health book. Read this book and regain your faith in your body's innate ability to heal itself!"


"A healing journey from fear and pain to confidence and peace."

"Barnett J. Weiss, CSW, Former Seminar Director of The New York Society for Milton H. Erickson M.D., Psychotherapy and Hypnosis (NYSEPH)

"The QUANTUM FOCUSING Program for IBS takes mind-body medicine to a whole new clinical realm. A must read for any health professional who seeks results."

Luanne Pennesi, R.N., M.S.

"QUANTUM FOCUSING Program for IBS is an extraordinary and helpful tool."

Luis R. Cruz, M.D.

"QUANTUM FOCUSING is a useful, self-healing methodology."

Nathaniel S. Lehrman, MD, Retired Clinical Director of Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in Brooklyn, NY


Scott Sandland shared a post to the group: The Hypnotist's Resource Group.

Yesterday at 10:21am, 2018 · 

"You want a hypnosis resource? Alan Barsky has always been a great resource for me over the years. Just check him and Didi out for 10 minutes without falling in love."



Scott Sandland‎ to HypnoThoughts Live!

Yesterday at 10:15am, 2018

"I just love listening to this guy talk about his philosophy on hypnosis.  Alan Barsky and Didi Vergados talking about compulsive hair pulling and how to resolve it."

Kelley T. Woods Kelley T. manages the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Hypnosis for Kids.

" I love you, Alan Barsky. When you attended Roger and my presentation, your absolute present and joyful state was so delightful. You could probably make a living as a positive resource!


Lori Hammond‎ to The Brain Upgrade and Expansion Group


"I had the privilege of spending an hour with a talented, seasoned hypnotist last night. Thank you, Alan Barsky, for sharing your wisdom and for walking me through such a beautiful guided experience. My heart is full."

Brainview Training Institute

Avon OH • 2019• Coaching

Alan is a very caring guy. Knows his stuff. He will be a good fit if you are looking to consult with someone who can really help you with your change work.  Susan Fox, CHT

Donald Pelles, Hypnotherapist, Silver Springs, MD. 
"I would put the “Finding the Zone Exercise” of Michael Ellner and Alan Barsky’s QUANTUM FOCUSING in the same category. You ask the person to “close you eyes and defocus your mind,” then “take yourself INSIDE your body and OCCUPY all that space, all those places, all at the same time.” Then “Holding onto that feeling, start saying to yourself, in your mind, ‘I live with a happy heart, a peaceful mind, and a playful spirit,’ over and over again.”
You get a nice trance in 30 to 60 seconds, really a combination of self-hypnosis and meditation. I teach this to all of my clients, and ask them to start doing it for two minutes at a time, three or more times a day. And I find that as they do this, they change, sometimes in unexpected ways."


• "Wow! Where has this been all my life? I love it!"

Bill Henderson, Santa Monica, CA​

• "This is an outstanding guide for beginners and a good reference for the more adept. Keep up the outstanding work."

Rickey Durkin Plano, TX​

• "The mental exercises in this book made outstanding differences in my daily life in just a few weeks. Thank and bless you both."

Jessica Goldstein, New York, NY​

• "I like Quantum Focusing very much. It has been exceptionally helpful to me and I highly recommend it to everyone."

Patrick Hayducka, Bloomfield, NJ

"Loved the book and am living the process. My life improves every hour of every day since I started." Ronnie Blair, San Francisco, CA​

“I saw Alan in person at Hypnotherapy Marin, and followed along in the IBS book. At first I was skeptical having had I.B.S. for over four years, suffering immensely. I had tried everything from bowel cleansing, diet changes, new exercise regimes, vitamin supplements, and meditation. I took two baths a day to help the tension I felt. After four or five sessions, my attitude changed and the I.B.S. slowly disappeared. It has been a couple months since our first visit and nowadays I rarely have any relapses. Thank you! You've given me a new lease on life.

Bria Habin, San Francisco, CA​

• "Found Quantum Focusing to be very powerful. I use its principles every day."

Clinton J Coelho, Waianae, HI​



Hope Coaching Professionals:

Thank you Michael Ellner, Kelley T. Woods and Alan Barsky for creating this wonderful group. I just had the opportunity to introduce how HOPE Coaching can benefit those with chronic conditions to my networking group. I used much of your wonderful wording from the website and book.
The response from the group was overwhelming. Thank you again.

Cynde Gardner‎, HOPE COACHing

Choose a hypnotherapist that has co-authored highly-reviewed books in the professional hypnosis field.​

New books and recordings coming soon:

1. Finding your inner Spirit Animal

2. Ignoring those side-effect listings of medical commercials you hear on T.V.

3. Lose Weight, easily

4. Quit Smoking, not just stop

5. Self-Confidence

6. Passing Exams and Tests

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