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Public Speaking. Speak in public without fear. 




Public Speaking is something I have helped a number of people with.

It is something I was afraid of for years, until I got a few hypnosis sessions, and saw it all in a different light.


I remember going to a group meeting for something and at the end they invited all the new people to stand up and tell something about themselves. I was sweating till it was my turn, then I Quickly stood up and said “My name is Alan Barsky.” I may have also added “thank you for ….”mumbled something out, and then quickly sat down.  Then I thought about it, worried about it, for a while. 


Just less than 30 seconds put me in a tumble. It held me back in my life in a number of ways.


I turned to hypnosis with a very qualified Hypnotherapist, and I learned a few things about myself, and was able to practice with him, etc in a few sessions. And today, frankly, I am a very good public speaker, at speak at my conferences for my associations. 



Now, you may be considering a wedding, or something local, or work situation , or something in your life to speak at. 


I am in Mill Valley. My door is open to you. Feel free to call, or email. Give me a call and we can see how I can help your particular situation.


Please let me know how I can help you, and what you need.


In your corner,

Alan Barsky


Problem Solving Hypnotherapy

Personal Coaching

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