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Weight Loss Program Video

"Alan's Weight Loss Program really works".

Maria Klien


This is not a diet, but a Mindful Eating practice to actually change your mind to rethink How you eat the foods you do, and find the ways to kick in your body's metabilism to burn excess away, in a mthod that does not rely on excercise or special diet.

“Someone asked me yesterday, ‘Hey you look different…new glasses, new haircut…?‘

   I thought ‘Maybe is the thirty pounds I lost with Alan and Weight Watchers®’.  The hypnosis got me serious about losing weight and even though I went before to WW with no success, everything turned around after the hypnotherapy sessions.”

Pru Starr, English Teacher,  Tamalpias High School, Mill Valley, Marin County

Here Is a Curious Way that

You Lose Weight, 

And Stay Slender For Life



Dear Seeker of a Solution to finally lose your excess weight,


    Yes, it is possible to lose extra weight. And keep it off forever. 

Without a struggle.


    Trade in your Will Power, for something that works. The secret is in your Thoughts.  Thoughts that cause emotions. Emotions that trigger eating and not noticing how much you are eating, till you get that feeling, but by then, it is too late.


If your Thoughts rule your Behavior, 

You are doing it backwards


    As you learn to Rule Your Thoughts, you make better choices. You become the best you can be in every way; mentally and physically. And you find it is more rewarding to make good choices then.


    Imagine an easy answer. What if the problem was not any bad foods you eat, but how you THINK about the food. With a ‘change of mind”, you will be amazed to find yourself automatically following the what works for you for a change.


The Easier Way To Lose Weight


    Meet Alan Barsky, who has developed the solution. He spent years within the weght industry before he became a hypnotherapist, so now he combines both skills to get you results. 


    You lose weight by simply thinking differently. It is the strategic, but simple plan of a weight expert who has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off, in private and group sessions.


    Alan is a professional who understands the science of weight management, utilizing the same thing that got you in trouble in the first place--your thoughts!


“Having the weight mentally lift off my shoulders, 

was the best part!”


    His concepts are endorsed and recommended by major nutritionists, doctors and other health professionals.   click here for professional endorsements 


    Alan shows you a way to re-think about your relationship with food, and to relieve your anxiety about having to lose weight. What is your best overall weight, to your own standards? And that alone, makes a tremendous difference in reducing your stress as well.


    During your first session, Alan listens to you carefully to hear and  uncover some of the real reasons why you may have gained weight, even if sometimes you don’t seem to know yourself. Then custom designs a program to fit your wants and needs, to fit your personality. Being yourself makes it easier for you to achieve success.


The “Not A Diet” Method

    You go on a diet of words and thoughts, and that is more effective than merely a diet of foods. The science of the mind succeeds where others have failed. 


    You are motivated to begin a new lifestyle--a lifestyle which enables you to shed pounds during your program with him—fast and healthy weight loss. YOU TAKE ACTION. And, because it is not a diet, but a way of thinking, you keep it off, forever.


    One client called it “Mind Over Platter”.


    If you are tired of searching for diets  plans that just offer you the same thing again and again, if you want something that lasts for life, if you are tired of crash or fad diets that puts you on an emotional and physical roller coaster, call Alan on the phone now, and succeed.


   Call Alan Barsky at  415-389-9444  .     

Free Phone Consultation and information  

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