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32 Eugene Street, off Throckmorton Ave,

under a mile from downtown Mill Valley.

Head west, toward the mountain.

Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area, USA


Mindful Hypnotherapy coupled with MindBody-Hypnosis gives you control over your thoughts and your life back again. You learn self-hypnosis through recordings of the different sessions to replay and reinforce throughout your entire life. You learn certain techniques to bring you calm during a stressful day. Can you release the bad habits that have been holding you back throughout your life?

Call for a free strategy session, in a phone consultation and talk about it with someone who can help:

Free Phone Consultation
Call  415-389-9444
to speak privately with Alan Barsky
Or Send Private Email, below
Ask any questions about Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy,
or about how can I help
you succeed, even if
you feel stuck.

Office is surrounded by a beautiful garden, with a comfortable,

inside office to work in. 

Alan Barsky

Clinical Hypnotherapist for over a decade

"Ask me any questions about Hypnosis,
Hypnotherapy, or how I can help you
succeed, even if you feel stuck."
Alan Barsky
You can also order my book
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