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Are you seeking to Find Relief for your symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome? 

Alan Barsky can help you in two different ways:

1. Call for a free consultation to see how Alan Barsky can help your condition with private, one to one hypnotherapy sessions, in person or online:     #415-389-9444

Enroll for private sessions with Alan Barsky, Certified IBS Hypnotherapist-in San Francisco Bay Area-Mill Valley in Marin County (or by Skype Zoom anywhere in the world).

•IBS Relief Programs from 6 to 12 sessions;

Personal Gut Directed Hypnosis and Holistic Mindful Hypnotherapy

OR Choose an ebook (with audio recordings)

for Self-Hypnosis, and begin your journey on your own. Simple, easy to follow methods that can help. Holistic Mindful Hypnotherapy System you can work on yourself.

Does the following story sound like what you are struggling with?

Get Control Over Your IBS. 

Reclaim your life In Months, not years




You Can Stop Constipation, Diarrhea and Stomach Pain Now,

Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before!




Dear Person with IBS, or friend of person with IBS,


   Of course you want to stop IBS from running your life. And right now!  You want to eat what you want and go wherever you want, without pain or the need to stay near a bathroom. But you’ve tried so many diets, supplements and treatments that you don’t know what or who to believe anymore.  You just want the pain and embarrassment to stop more than anything else.  And you should!


   My name is Alan Barsky, and I am an internationally acclaimed hypnosis practitioner and educator. I have been practicing Hypnotheraputic solutions to end people's suffering for over 20 years, and I am passionate about helping people learn creative new ways to take charge of their lives and health. I am here to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


   My partner Michael Ellner and I, have created Quantum Focusing for IBS, a series of mental exercises that let you reprogram your mind and give you control over your IBS and your life.  Previously available only to professionals, these step-by-step exercises are described in our new workbook, IBS Help Now.


   By the time you get to the end of this letter, you will feel more optimistic about controlling your IBS than you have in years!


Does this sound familiar to you and your life now?


   Mary told her doctor that her stomach was always tied in knots, with pain, cramps, and alternating constipation and diarrhea.  After a complete set of medical tests, her doctor couldn’t find the cause of her symptoms, and diagnosed her with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS. Mary was at first excited to know what was wrong with her, so that at last she could find a cure.  But even after she spent over $5,000 on special diets, supplements, doctor’s visits, expensive toxic drugs — nothing seemed to work!


   Mary’s friends hardly called her anymore, because they were tired of hearing “no thanks” — she could only eat certain foods, couldn’t go to events that didn’t have a bathroom, and often cancelled plans at the last minute. Too afraid to leave her bathroom, and too embarrassed to talk to her friends or family about her condition, Mary felt like a prisoner in her own home. She was terrified that she would have to put up with these symptoms for the rest of her life.


   After using our doctor-endorsed Quantum Focusing method for just ten weeks, Mary became a new person.  She had more energy than she had in years, and could now sit down to a meal without rushing to the toilet soon afterwards.  Within a few months, Mary told me that she had started to have lunch with “the girls” again, and that her friends wanted to be around her all the time.  In fact, they were planning a trip to Mexico for the spring, the first time they had gone away together in years.

Yes, that’s all it took!


And it can work for you too…but only if you give it a try...


   I know, because it has worked for thousands of people who suffer just like you.  But I don’t expect you to believe me until you see more proof.


    So you don’t take my word for it — this is what other people have to say about how IBS HELP NOW helped them take charge of their health, and get relief from IBS:


“I had tried everything for my IBS — bowel cleansing, diet changes, new exercise regimes, vitamin supplements, meditation…  I was taking two baths a day to help the tension I felt. After trying the Quantum Focusing exercises just a few times, my attitude changed and IBS slowly disappeared.  Nowadays I rarely have any relapses. Thank you!  You’ve given me a new lease on life.” - Mia, Mill Valley, Marin, CA


“For years, if I had sex during an IBS flare-up I felt stabbing pain, as if someone had just kicked me in the nuts.  I spent years of pain and worry, and my love life suffered.  Diet changes helped somewhat, but I never knew when my quivering colon would kill a date.  When I got a hold of IBS Help Now, I gobbled down the pages like a hungry dog. I practiced Quantum Focusing every day, and soon it became second nature for me to call up the exercises to calm things down. Now it is so easy to go into “the zone” that my IBS hardly ever shows up anymore.” - Jack, Larkspur, Marin, CA


“I use Quantum Focusing all day long to stay on track. It is really amazing. My life just keeps getting better and better!” - Philip, New York, NY



  I promise your situation is not unique.  And more importantly, your situation is NOT hopeless.


   One big problem is that people who suffer from IBS have been fed three major myths by medical doctors.

Here are the 3 biggest myths about IBS.

Don't let them stop you from

getting the results you want:


1. The first one is that Irritable Bowel Syndrome​​ ​​is caused by disease.

When all of your test results come back negative, a conventional doctor will tell you that you have IBS, which is a “diagnosis of exclusion.”  They don’t know what is wrong with you, but they have to call it something so that your insurance will pay for the visit.


2. The second is that drugs will help. 

Since doctors don’t really know what’s wrong with you, they often prescribe medications that don’t work and have toxic side effects.  Remember Zelnorm?  This drug was prescribed to help people with constipation have better bowel movements, but it was pulled from the market in 2007 after it was linked to diarrhea and intestinal problems that led to hospitalization, surgery and, in some cases, death. The first edition of our book warned against Zelnorm. We were proven right.


3. The third is that it’s “all in your head”.

Doctors are half right. The SOLUTION is all in your head.

Many doctors understand that there is a link between stress and IBS, but they cannot explain exactly how it works.  Often they just recommend that you start taking anti-depressants or see a therapist.

    Wouldn’t you agree that it’s crazy to think you’ll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again?  If I keep touching a hot stove and keep getting burned, I’d be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I won’t get burnt.


   If there was a new way for you to take control of your IBS forever, would you be interested? Would you be willing to listen to all the medical professionals as well as the many, many people who used to suffer from IBS, but now have things under control?



Here’s HOW using the Quantum Focusing method gives you control over your IBS, if you want, starting today…


This is different than any IBS treatment you’ve seen, and took us over fifteen years to develop.  The step-by-step Quantum Focusing system in IBS Help Now uses a blend of hypnotic healing, spiritual practice, creative stress management, and quantum physics principles to help you eliminate your IBS symptoms - permanently. 



Doctors recognize the incredible healing power of Quantum Focusing:      Read on...


“IBS Help Now is the ultimate self-health book.  Read this book and regain your faith in your body’s innate ability to heal itself!” 

- Jeffrey A. Morrison, MD, CNS


“Quantum Focusing for IBS takes mind-body medicine to a whole new clinical realm.  IBS Help Now is a must-read for anyone who seeks results.” 

  • Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS 


Quantum Focusing for IBS is an extraordinary and helpful tool.

- Luis R. Cruz, MD


“IBS Help Now is an exceptional owner’s manual for the mind.  Ellner and Barsky have captured the essence of the world’s sages… it is a primer for anyone who is entering the 21st century and wants to live it to the fullest.” 

- Anne H. Spencer, PhD


Quantum Focusing is easy and fun! You will see dramatic results even if you spend only 20 minutes a day practicing the simple exercises in IBS Help Now.


Here are just a few of the breakthrough ideas inside IBS Help Now:

  • Your digestive system has its own independent nervous system, or “brain.” When the brain in your head and the brain in your gut miscommunicate, bad things happen.

  • Stress or psychological pain can trigger diarrhea, constipation, cramps, pain, bloating, and other symptoms…which then cause even more stress. The secret to breaking the vicious cycle is to change how you deal with stress in the first place.

  • You can use the same focus and concentration techniques used by martial artists to break through bricks to break down the mental walls that are keeping you stuck.

  • It’s possible to neutralize and reprogram unconsciously learned patterns that trigger your symptoms.  Lots of people and things “push your buttons”, but we’ll teach you how to short-circuit the wiring.


  • Discover how the amazing methods used by amputees to relieve “phantom pains” in their missing limbs can help relieve your IBS pains.



Okay, so what’s the cost for this incredible resource?


   How much have you spent so far on supplements and medications?  On visits to the doctor or nutritionist?  The average IBS sufferer spends over $4,000 trying to get relief — and that’s in the first year after diagnosis!


   Frankly, I think that’s a big waste of money if you are able to cure your own IBS symptoms, from the privacy of your own home.  So we figured out a way to provide you with a real opportunity.


This powerful resource IBS Help Now is available to you as a downloadable workbook directly accessible from the Internet.


   This way we have no inventory or fulfillment costs.  We don’t need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone (although you are welcome to call me at 415-389-9444 to be assured that we are a real company.)  This way we can pass along my cost savings to you.  So you win and we win.  But don’t worry, downloading the information in IBS Help Now is a real snap — I’m no “techno-whiz” and I had no problem.  It works perfectly with both Mac or PC computers.


   Now, because you will be downloading everything online, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you’d pay for a single hypnotherapy session or even what just one month of overpriced medication goes for.


   In fact, your total investment for the entire IBS Help Now resource is just $27.77


Don’t decide now — just try everything at my risk.


   Can I help you untie the knots in your stomach, relieve diarrhea and constipation, and finally give you control over your IBS in just ten weeks?



But the only way to find out is to try everything in my program entirely at my risk. The ebook, IBS Help Now, comes with a 


100% no questions asked,

 money-back Guarantee. 


I personally guarantee that you’ve never read anything like it.  If you don’t feel more peaceful and regular within 90 days of downloading the program, simply email us and we’ll cheerfully refund your money - and you can keep everything.


There is absolutely no way that you can lose - except by not taking me up on risk-free examination of IBS Help Now.


Here’s how to order right now!

go to    and order!


   A download of this workbook arrives by email in 24 hours, or, you will be sent an email with a link taken to a special download page where you will download everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00 am in the morning!


   You will be downloading and learning from this breakthrough information within just a few minutes… and using it to become completely free of your IBS symptoms!



Alan Barsky

Co-Author with Michael Ellner 

415-389-9444 for any questions.


P.S. If you continue to treat your IBS symptoms the old way, or worse, do nothing at all, you’re going to get the same results. What I’m offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to try this workbook so you can see for yourself how our scientifically developed exercises can help you control IBS, relieve pain and discomfort, and give you the freedom you have wanted for so long.


P.P.S. Isn’t it worth just 20 minutes a day to end the embarrassment caused by IBS?

It is 100% Guaranteed or your money back, 90 Day Guarantee for any reason!  What are you waiting for? Order now risk free. 

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Get help for Irritable Bowel
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IBS Relief
Go to SHOP on the right side of the top of this page (on the menu bar) to order the ebook immediately
Go to SHOP on the right side of the top of this page (on the menu bar) to order the ebook immediately

Call Us:   415-389-9444

with any questions.

Order the ebook with recordings now, and try it for yourself.

"IBS Relief"

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Story written by Christine Poremski Rodrigues 2016


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