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Here is what satisfied clients say about working with Alan Barsky, "The Mill Valley Hypnotist"


• Stuck in her life---during Covid Pandemic times--Get Unstuck

I felt stuck in life.. Like a lot of people who are skeptical about taking to step to talk to a therapist -I was! Especially for those of us who have tried  talking to a therapist in the past and felt like we did not gain much apart from spending our money on 50 minute sessions only to hear a bunch of questions thrown at us while notes were scribbled in a note pad.


This is precisely why I wanted to look for a HYPNO-therapist- because I was tired of the same old and I wanted to try something different-I wanted to see if this could tackle a part of my sub-conscious brain! I found Alan on Yelp and I hope for the best. My review is candid and based only on my personal experience..


Alan is nothing like a traditional therapist. He is full of life, quirk, positivity and his methods are different. Alan is thoughtful and sincere in wanting to help address the issues we are facing. Slowly I learnt that he is someone I felt comfortable opening up to and I knew that I was in a safe environment where there was no judgement at all.  His first step involves a personality assessment which was frankly amazing and really helps explain a lot about why we are they way we are as individuals. He taught me to embrace my personality- even the parts that you think are "wrong" about yourself. He did not really try to change me as a person at all. There is a portion of each session that involves hypno-therapy and those were my favorite part! Because unlike other therapist sessions where you only have that experience for the time that you are sitting in the therapists office- the hypnosis portions get recorded and I found its really helpful to play them over again to continue to work the inner self (its come in handy when I really needed it). At the end of my sessions, I always felt like a huge weight off my chest and like I had a new energy and outlook on life! Having the opportunity to carry the recordings from the hypho-therapy sessions, allowed my re-live the things we had worked on during the session and allows me the chance to keep working on myself.


Has my life drastically changed yet? I would not say so, but I think that I have the tools to see things in a new light, the knowledge to approach circumstances in a different way and the strength to make changes in my life that I felt stuck about before.


If you are looking to change something in your life that you have had a hard time with in spite of all the good intent and failed attempts-give Alan a shot! He will still make you do the work, there are no shortcuts unfortunately-but he may set you on the right path ! I think that is worth a something... Good Luck and take a chance:)

Brooke Logan, Landscape Architect, San Francisco

• Hair pulling---Trichotillomania

I feel exceptionally lucky to have been able to find Alan online. Alan is an expert in dealing with trichotillomania and is extremely well read across various disciplines including hypnosis. His help has been instrumental in me dealing with this OCD-type habit and I am extremely grateful for his help.

Jack Smith, San Francisco, California,     Tech Illuminaire 

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P.S. Alan Barsky now gives seminars and presentations to practitioners on his breakthrough methods for helping clients on this subject.


• Nail Biting

“Like you said, I simply ‘forget’  to bite my nails”.
                              Carol Hotchkins, Business Consultant


• Thank you for recording our sessions, so I can listen to them again and again
"Ahh - thanks Alan - that will get me through!
I have been listening to your tapes - about 5 times a week - mostly before I go to bed, but sometimes in the afternoon when I am feeling sort of scared.       See you again soon... “                            
                            T.W., Legal Secretary, San Rafael, Marin County


• Not Smoking                                                                                                       

“Still not smoking cigarettes, which is more satisfying than smoking, and I appreciate your help.“                                 

                           A.F. Landscaper, San Rafael, Marin County



• I let go of my anxiety and stress

" I listened to your whole audio recording and it was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. I felt so relaxed when I finished. I didn't want to open my eyes but I had to get ready for work. I really enjoyed the part about my negative thoughts melting and evaporating. It is a good way to explain that it is important to pay attention to my negative thoughts and let them melt away and evaporate by placing them somewhere warm in my mind, instead of ignoring them and pretending they don't exist by distracting myself with other thoughts. Also, I liked the part about living in the moment and being in control of my thoughts. This audio is so powerful. I love how deserving I feel for my strong breaths today. It feels great! I'm excited to listen to it again before bed. Thank you Alan! I'm so happy to have met you :)

                         S.S., Hair Stylist  23 years old, Mill Valley

• Local photographer loses weight and gains self-confidence

“Alan is a wise soul who uses active listening to determine how to best work with a client. He customizes the message exactly to the client and provides clients with a CD/recording after each meeting so you can continue to build on the benefits of each session. I have worked with him on several issues; as I strongly believe in the power of the mind, and the need to access that power at a subconscious level for best results. Currently I have worked with him on weight loss, and found it easier to stick with the plan than with any previous diet. He has also helped my self-confidence and jaw clenching TMJ.      High integrity. Great results.”   

                       Jeanette Vonier, Fine Arts Photographer, San Anselmo, Marin County, California 94941

• LOST WEIGHT:  “I lost 15 pounds and the fat under my chin went away”.                               F. Toplin, Attorney,  Kentfield, Marin County/melbourne Australia                                                                   
• WEIGHT  LOST:    “Ummmm, I’ve lost 40 pounds already and I feel so much better about myself."    

                       A teenager, 15 years old, male,  Larkspur, Marin County

• LOST WEIGHT:  Over 60 pounds in one year and has kept it off for years!         “Alan, I lost over 60 pounds, since I’ve worked with you!  I feel better and happier.”            Sam Sashin, Financial Marketing Director, Charles Schwab,  Tiburon, Marin County

“My visits with you have helped me stay with my diet.  People ask me what I've done to lose weight and I always explain that the hypnosis was the key factor.”              

                      Maureen K., Attorney, Novato, CA


• Getting Good Results and staying on track
“I need to xx xxx.  Is there any chance we can meet from 3:00-4:30 instead?  If not, then we will have to skip a week, but I would rather not.  I am having good results with the weight loss.”   R. A. Architect, San Rafael

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:                   

“Less IBS!!  Your treatment was a real FIX!! I'm feeling so much better!!”   

                      Helen C., President, Corporate Branding, Greenbrae, CA


• Confidential Sessions:   “Alan is very conscientious about confidentiality, and I can trust him.”                S., San Francisco, Graphic Artist

Fear of Flying is now Ease of Flying

On Oct 18, 2018, at 10:34 AM

Hello Alan,

We met a while back to see if I could get on an airplane without melting.

...this apparently simple mission was happily accomplished through smooth and uneventful flights.

The sessions we had really shook loose quite a few things that
had been laying in wait for the proper trigger to emerge. I believe
'cathartic' would cover it.

Thanks very much for your efforts. I really appreciate it. 

Best Regards,

R. Nelson, Novato, Marin County

From Mill Valley/Greenbrae "Next Door" website:​

I can totally recommend Alan Barsky Hypnotherapy as very trustworthy. He’s based in Mill Valley and very good to work with - 415-389-9444

Tag a business. Joanene Halliday . Greenbrae·1d ago

HELP WITH MY JOB INTERVIEWS                     

“I found a great job and I have been so happy!  I start xxx.  It’s right off BART so I don't even have to drive any more.  I think I have eliminated about 90% of the stress in my life.
            Actually, I went on several great interviews and was offered a job at each one.  It blew me  away-- next time I hesitate in a situation like this, I am going to remember that if I just go for it, it's going to work out.  Your hypnotherapy sessions helped a lot.  I really did feel relaxed and like myself when I interviewed.  My fear of the fear was worse than just walking into an office and shaking hands and blabbing about myself.    It makes me laugh that I just did it and it was so easy!  The best thing is that I think if this job doesn't work out (and I think it will) I won't face this old hindrance of fearing job interviews ever again.
    Thank you so much for helping me face this.  This time in my life was so hard.  I really felt like I had nowhere to turn.  I really pulled through though.  What a relief! “
                        Sandra, Legal Secretary, Berkeley, CA

• Job Interviews successful

"Hi Alan! I totally rocked today! Thank you! I got callbacks for both jobs. And - btw - the song is “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles - it really worked! "Perry Mason" was 2 for 2 today. Thank you soooo much! 2019 is becoming a great year"
:) Kim, School 
Superintendent, San Francisco Bay Area

NOTE: This client has seen me over the years as first a school Teacher, then a school Principal, and now a Superintendent....Alan Barsky)


• Relationships and Communication
My daughter and I have made up and are talking again. Thank you for your advice. It was exactly right and it worked.                                 

                        M.A.C., Hair Stylist, Mill Valley, Marin County, California 94941

• Finally, I am FEELING SAFE
“That was a very, very powerful session we did last time, thank you for creating a safe place for my heart.”     See you on Wednesday,
                        Lisa C., MFT, San Rafael, Marin County, California


• I Get Stuff Done, now

“Alan, you’re an Emotional Magician! I went from feeling I was out of control, to being in control of my life, by changing my perception. I am getting so much accomplished now.  Like you say, it happened AUTOMAGICALLY.”                                              

                         M. A. S.,  Real Estate Agent


• HARDLY ANY Panic Attacks anymore. What a relief!
“I haven’t had a panic attack since I last saw you. I can feel them coming on, but I think of what we worked on and I just start to think differently. 
                         Carol Feld, mother of two children, both under 5 years old

• I AM OK Crossing Bridges

“Alan, you made it possible for me to drive across bridges without my former panic attacks. Thank you.”

                          Caren Carson, Commercial Real Estate, Tiburon, Marin County

• Real Self-Confidence
“You never cease to amaze.  I am truly grateful you crossed my path. Thank you for your kindness”.    D. C., Administrative Assistant, Sausalito, Marin


Public Speaking

“Hi Alan.  Thanks!  I felt fantastic – confident and happy and healthy since I saw you on Monday. I gave my  speech this morning and it went very well. I never thought I would ever learn public speaking, and yet, I did it!”  

                             Peter R., Ross, Marin County



• Self-Confidence Back after being fired from job
“Wow, need to take credit for most of this confidence.  It was always there but the reinforcement and restatement from you mean absolutely everything.”
                              R. K., Major Account Manager, Healthcare Corporation


“I didn’t realize how much better I felt until I got home and all that chaos whirled around me and I felt OK.  That is a big change. I can’t wait to see you again.” 

                              Jane Treeman, Foundation Director, Ross, Marin


• Worked out un-resolved issues

“Alan is a good listener. Alan exudes confidence and is as down to earth as you can get. He listens and helps you harness the power of your subconscious mind to accomplish wonders: lose weight, work out unresolved issues or just to help you access and use of the power of your subconscious mind to work for you. I have known Alan in business group settings and in-person and found him to be pleasant, relaxed, and respected by all for his wit and ease of engagement. And he is very discreet”. 

                               Lamine Elabed -President, Handyman Network, Novato, Marin


•Sleeeeep. “…I have been sleeping very well since you provided me with the deep breathing techniques. I have been practicing deep breathing several times daily and I sleep soundly now. At first I thought it was because I was very relaxed on our 20 day cruise, but I am still able to get a good sleep each night. I am amazed that a simple technique such as deep breathing has allowed me to sleep so well.
However, should I return to restless nights I will contact you for further sessions.
Thank you so much".
Sharon Mahoney. 
(November 2019)

•WOW! “All I can say is WOW!  Yesterday was by far one of the most empowering things I've done in my life and I can only imagine what is to come from all this work we have to do.  I thank you."                  

                              Larae Floresi, Redwood City  ph#(650) 208-5996


• “Alan, You are an angel.  Our session is one of the most important parts of my recovery.  Deeply and profoundly life changing and healing. The divine is working through you.       Thank-you from the bottom of my heart,”      
                              Rita A.,       A ballerina, dancer and actress, San Rafael


• Remove old bad feelings
"Speaking about help, I kept having "flashbacks" to our session. I could feel that burned back page mental debris was the excess weightiness I've been carrying around for about 48 years. Whenever thoughts of self-doubt crept in, I remember our session about my strengths ...brilliant work”
                               Steve Bhaerman,  Performer/Author, Swami Beyondananda,
Santa Rosa  ph(707) 888-7260



• My life is transformed
"Thanks to Alan, I am free of several gripping and life-threatening addictions, and I am now experiencing the sweetness of my life, expressing my love to others, and most importantly, loving myself .
      I believe that Alan Barsky is a true healer and wise teacher. He guided me through a life-transforming series of hypnotherapy sessions that spiritually resurrected my self-image and instilled in me a new confidence and perspective on every aspect of my life. He put my train back on the track."
                           Steve Wagner  Television Host/Producer, San Francisco


“My kids tell me that My Life has gotten so much better since seeing you.  My kids would never have described me before as being ‘cheerful and optimistic’.”
                           Rivka Coleman, San Rafael, Marin County

• Support Growth and Transformation
Thank you… most wonderful, fluid, inspired, creative, beautiful hypnosis session to support my path of growth & healing. I am so appreciative of your caring support.”
                          Dru Isanda,  Hypnotherapist, San Francisco


“Thank you, Alan for hypnosis over the phone. It worked. I am now the star and head of the class.”
                        Lourdes Billingsley,  Advanced Bikram Yoga


• SLEEP Soundly                                                                             

 “I slept every night since I went to you last”.                                         

                    Neal Edel, Industrial Food Buyer, Mill Valley, CA  94941 Marin County

• Trichotillomania, Nail Biting, Skin Picking

"happy new year Alan! things have been progressing well. i've had 1-2 minor setbacks, but overall am pleased with progress. plan to start a proper routine of listening back to the recordings".

                            Jack S.,  29 years old, San Francisco, Tech Illuminaire 

•Nail Biting ON YELP

"I had been biting my nails for at least eight years, but with just three emotional and powerful sessions, I am not ashamed of my hands anymore. Alan gave me a comfortable and supportive environment to hash out my inner problems which were causing my self destructive habit. With the reaffirming listen-throughs of our insightful and impactful sessions, my nails and my confidence levels are growing and healing.
Can't wait for my next appointment".

                           Olivia, 23 years old, Wine Company Executive, Sonoma County


 • Skin Picking

"Alan Barsky is a gifted therapist. I HAD a very annoying habit of skin picking that I was embarrassed to call someone about but he at once put me at ease.  He has a compassionate and friendly demeanor that encouraged me to feel good about taking on my habit rather than being ashamed of having the habit.  The effectiveness of the hypnosis was profound to me having never tried it before. He also has a great voice for this work which makes the audio experience enjoyable.  The space in his home is lovely- grounding, healing  and immersed in nature.
        Alan exudes great enthusiasm and creativity in his work specifically in empowering YOU to help yourself.  I enjoyed going to my sessions because I wanted to kick my "issue" but I also felt I was learning much more about myself  and that made a great impact in my life.
                        Renee, 32 years old, Tiburon, Marin County


“Don’t know how it came about or anything, but i have been feeling exceedingly confident and just pleased as peach to be myself.  Thanks for your support, and we should set up another set of sessions!  Thanks!“
                         Peter Kassel.  Film maker,  24 years old. Now in New York City


• Stopped Biting My Nails

"I am an adult. I never thought I could stop and feel OK about it." 

                         R.J., Professional Comedian,  San Rafael


• Not Smoking                                                                                                   

“Why would I want a cigarette???  I'm not a smoker.  It's going great. I want a cigarette but I don't need one.  Got the session recording ok.  thx”                 C.W.   Software Engineer, Corte Madera, Marin County


• I Quit Smoking immediately
“Now, when I think of smoking or someone asks me if I want a cigarette, I just think ‘I don’t do that anymore,

and I am done with it. It is very simple.”                                                              
                          Leslie K.,  CEO, financial services, Tiburon Belvedere, Marin County


• Quit Smoking, finally
“I stopped smoking many times before. It’s been 2004 since I’ve seen you and I keep forgetting to smoke. I don’t know how you do it, or rather how  I do it. It’s as confusing as amazing”.
                           Carl Rosen, CEO, San Francisco


• “Dude it's been over a month, my first day of not smoking was August 25th.”      
      • FOLLOW-UP 1 year later:   “It’s still sweet. No cigs. No ashtray smell.”       
                           Sam E., Carpenter, San Rafael, Marin County


• Quit Smoking in steps
“Thank you so much I could not have done it without your help.  The Wellbutrin helped me quit the last four I was having daily, but you helped me get to through the tough stuff and that was instrumental in my quitting.  From 30 a day to 4 a day, who would have ever thought?  It was the first step to my long drawn out process of quitting.
           I no longer say 'I'm trying to quit', or 'I'm in the process of quitting'.  Even better, I don't say 'I'm down to only 4 a day from 30'.  Today I don't smoke.  I am a non smoker.  Thank you again! You helped me find the courage to become a non smoker.”
                          L.P., Advertising Executive, Mill Valley, Marin County


•Not Smoking for two years, now want to lose weight
“I'd like to see you again for some reinforcement.  To remind you, I'm the gal you successfully got to quit smoking 2 years ago but now have issues with eating/weight.  Greek, engaged, family pressures, etc.  When can I make an appointment?”
                            R. A.,  Attorney, San Francisco


• Changed my life                                                                                 

  “You were very helpful. In particular, you told me something that changed my entire life....I stopped drinking.”                           

                           E.F., Insurance Agent, Larkspur,  Marin County


• I Looked Ten Years Younger!
    “Right after the session with you, I saw my wife and she said l was so relaxed, that I looked ten years younger.”
                          R.W., Film and Video producer

• Moving to another country

"I'm using the tapes often and find them relaxing and inspiring. Thank you for the wonderful sessions. ...using the tools so useful!
Thanks so much, and wishing you well!
Jean L. , now in Tiburon, 
Belvedere, soon St. Petersburg, Russia!

"perfect in all ways."

Response to a Square payment:

Customer Service,  Other,   Quality,  Wait Time
Mary L. July 2019 San Rafael


• “I Recommend Alan
“Alan Barsky is a brilliant and intuitive healer. Sessions with him changed my life. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to change and heal.”
                         Sandy Cohn, MMFT, Marin County


• Recommended by the head of the World's Largest Hypnotherapy Conference for professionals
  “Alan is a great hypnotist and talented public speaker, and I'd like to recommend him beyond those capacities. Alan is a great mind and a wonderful person. I have met thousands of hypnotists over my decade in the industry, and I can truly say that I consider Alan to be one of the smartest and approachable among them. Alan gets it. When I attended his lectures I watched him closely and paid attention to his style and methods. His methodologies are well thought out and have a wit about them that is rarely seen. He has an engaging personality and connects with his audience. In conversation, his sincerity and levity are both palpable. I would trust Alan Barsky to work with me or any member of my family. His intellect alone makes him unique, his integrity puts him in an even higher category.”          
                          Scott Sandland, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy, and head of

(949) 999-0831


• Recommended by the World's Greatest Hypnotist!
 “Alan is truly a wonderful human being and an exceptional hypnotist.”

                           Dr. Dave Hill, 

• Thank You Alan
Here is my public THANK YOU! to Alan Barsky and Michael Ellner for the gift of their  "Make a Fist" Emotional Detox Technique.
         I have personally found their technique to be extremely effective in dissipating unwanted feelings and it has not only recently greatly enhanced my mood, it has also allowed my body to FINALLY begin to release some unwanted weight.
                       Kelley T. Woods, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mt. Vernon, Washington       .   Ph(360) 333-8577


"N. made it to the semi-finals.  He used your recordings faithfully almost every night up to the final selection. 

             Your work has had great influence on N. - He refers to you on various occasions and we look forward to future sessions when the need arises. 

With gratitude,"

                           Lisa  Finnegan, Palo Alto



Alan Barsky fondly remembers:

"Last year a 42 year old woman came to get rid of her gambling addiction. We quickly figured out what it was that was attached to in her life, and in an interactive trance, she got through it. After that, when a client normally is just coming up slowly, she got up and announced she was so full of energy, and felt that such a burden had been lifted off her shoulders, that she was excited, and so, I offered her to run around our fishpond in the back yard of the office. Around and around she ran, occasionally lifting her arms in the air and shouting "Hooray!"


(I checked in with her months later, and she changed many things in her life that were being held back by that gambling addiction that was now gone. A number of doors ad roads opened up for her.)"


18 year old client

"You are helping me folks like me, everyday--and that's something to be thankful for."

                      Cole Miller, College Student

"Your irreverent honesty is what I love most about you." Kelley T. Woods , fellow hypnotherapist

Lori Hammond‎ to The Brain Upgrade and Expansion Group

10 hrs · 

"I had the privilege of spending an hour with a talented, seasoned hypnotist last night. Thank you, Alan Barsky, for sharing your wisdom and for walking me through such a beautiful guided experience. My heart is full."

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