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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis. Free Consultation.  Call 415-389-9444

Just Call Alan; he has helped hundreds of people not just stop, but Quit, forever. 85% QUIT IN ONE SESSION.


Lifetime Guarantee

But just in case, or for reinforcement, or just knowing you have a back-up, you can return for another session, a different session, up to two more sessions, anytime, with the Lifetime Guarantee. This keeps you on the right path.




Hypnotic recordings made just for you, during the session. Totally personalized for your path to freedom. Play anytime for reinforcement, forever.


IF Cigarettes did what you wanted them to, then                  Smoke 'em.


But they do such a crappy job. So you have to say "Fire them".


Not "fire them up". But "fire them" from the job you ask them to do.



                Do they really make you relaxed? Or is it just a temporary feeling, that starts out being relaxed, but then just turns into anxiousness, till you fire up another one?


So, free yourself and get your life back. And the first step is calling Alan Barsky and talk to him about it.

Call  #415-389-9444 to Alan's private line, for a free consultation.


Not just Stop Smoking...

 Quit Smoking!


 The Plan: Quit in one session. 

Have 2 more back-up sessions available if needed.


The site is especially for people who

 stopped smoking, but started again.


 The American Lung Association of Ohio  Recommends Hypnosis

for people to Quit Smoking:

    “1. Hypnosis is safe. Hypnosis is relaxing. 

      2. Hypnosis is a relaxation technique to be used as a tool

to help persons reach a goal that they have set for themselves.

      3. The American Lung Association of Ohio offers hypnosis

as a means to stop smoking and weight loss.”


SOME TESTIMONIALS for Hypnotist Alan Barsky:

• I Quit Smoking, finally

“Thank you, Alan. I stopped smoking many times before. It’s been two years since I’ve seen you and I keep forgetting to smoke. I don’t know how you do it, or rather how  I do it. It’s as confusing as amazing”.

                                                                                Carl R. , Tiburon


• I Quit Smoking, for the last time

“Every time I used to smoke, I told myself it was the last time. But, it wasn’t. Until Alan helped me. Now I actually feel better NOT smoking, rather than the other way around.”

                                                                                 Sarah T., San Rafael

• Secret Smoker

"Ya know, I was a skeptic, but it happened".

                                                                                 A.C., Marin County




           Billie Costello, a creative writer, sent me his personal story, two years after he came to see me to quit smoking (it's been 8 years now). 


He secretly didn't want to stop.  Does this sound like you, perhaps?    




DID THE TRICK,  even though I secretly

didn't want to stop."


This was me. A pig headed, didn't want to quit, die-hard smoker. 

Trapped in an aggravating love affair--with cigarettes. 


Openly, I cursed their choking grip on me.  Inwardly, I was totally unwilling to do anything else but puff away. Your typical chain-smoker, wildly raving about kicking the habit—and not meaning one single word.


It was a joke.  Unfortunately, the laugh was on me.  The grim warnings of the Surgeon General, The American Cancer Society, my worried Doctor and the clear statement on the side of every single pack, all went in one ear and out the other.  My tobacco addiction was like a runaway train, completely out of control and destined for disaster. Unstoppable!


Me give up smoking?  

Better, ask for my right arm!


   Every so often, I would make a good old college try at quitting cold turkey.  But, before you could say “Jiminy Cricket,” there I’d be. Frantically scrounging in the garbage for soggy butts. As usual, my good intentions went up in smoke. I was hooked—again.


   Who was I kidding? Smoking was an undeniable necessity  super-important to my daily life.  How I enjoyed that first eye-opening drag in the morning—that satisfying end-of-the-meal lighting up—that nerve racking inhalation when things got hectic. Me give up all those irreplaceable pleasures?  Better, ask for my right arm!


   Cancer or no cancer, doctor or no doctor, I loved smoking much too much to ever stop. But one day, I discovered a secret that turned my red-hot passion into red-hot hate-to-smoke.  A secret that set me free in just one session, flat.  I saw a hypnotherapist named Alan Barsky. And the result…not a single cigarette in years!


Alan freed me in One Session.

Not a single cigarette in years.


   My smoking is past history. Gone without pills, will power or climbing the walls.  Gone, without gaining an extra ounce.  Matter of fact, my wife says that I even lost  a couple of pounds.  And I never felt better.


   Running into an old buddy brought back memories of those “didn’t want to quit” days.  This two-pack-a-dayer had tried everything, but still couldn’t stop.  He begged me tell him my “secret”.


    I told him to see Alan Barsky, right close by in Mill Valley. Alan is the best Hypnotherapist to quit smoking. And he is Certified to do so.


     Just call 1-415-389-9444, like I did.  Hypnotherapy is the number one most successful method for people like us to stop smoking.  I told my friend of my success.  After it did the trick for my buddy, he sent Alan some of his still smoking friends.


     Hypnotherapy uses the power of Hypnosis, but only to help you succeed in your life.  There is no funny business, no quacking like a duck, or barking like a dog.  Just like putting in new software into your computer, the hypnotherapist puts in a positive program into your thinking, where there is no room for something as damaging as another cigarette.


     If you are willing to make a phone call to satisfy your curiosity, talk with Alan and ask him all the questions you may have about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, how it works, and how it can work for you.


     I know what it is like to have that compelling urge to light up. And what it is like now to be able to smilingly pass it by without pangs of yearning.


     What’s more. I know that you can honestly and truly stop smoking for keeps in one session flat, even if it’s the last thing in the world you’d rather do. 


     Just go to Alan Barsky, Certified Hypnotherapist. Yeah, it’s as easy as that.  Just do it. I can’t tell you how it works. It just does. With no strings attached.


     And, with Alan’s “No Way Out” program, if you ever start smoking again, merely come back for a second session. Or even a third, at no charge. And that promise is good for a lifetime guarantee.


     OK. I know exactly what is running through your mind. Even with this medical doctor endorsed, increasingly popular method…you’re still looking for a way to get out of calling Alan for  your session. You can’t fool me. It’s not the money. You’ll pocket 100 times your investment in cigarette savings alone. The bottom line is: you don’t really want to quit—and you’ll do anything to avoid it.


     But just this once, listen to that little voice inside your head. Just this once, give in to your common sense and give my secret a “look.”   Watch it automatically work for you in the only way that counts. 


     Permanently no smoking!”


           Thank You Alan. 


             Billie Costello, Owner, Luna Moon Jewelry Store, Union Street, San Francisco




Call Alan Barsky's private line for a free consultation




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