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My Personal Pain Story And first Hypnosis


When I was about 13 years old, I had a dental root canal operation from a specialist. Afterward, it really hurt. Since the pain went on for longer than a week, and the original dentist didn’t seem to respond right to my parent's inquiries, my parents decided to get a lawyer. The lawyer sent me to a second opinion dentist.


The dentist looked around and found no physical condition and so asked me if I would like to be hypnotized, and of course, I said “Yes”. And he did.


And I remember that video in my head as bright as if it was shot yesterday. The root canal dentist, very impressed with himself and good-looking, a “cool guy”, had two absolutely hot female dental assistants. They installed an intravenous drip of some sleepy chemical into my arm. I remember it was my very front bottom tooth on the right side.


As he worked on me, he hardly paid attention, twisting those pieces of cone paper in the tooth hole, chatting way with the girls, laughing, and one of whom he was clearly dating.


Then, I felt sudden warmth across the bottom of my mouth…they stopped talking, instantly the mood changed to very serious, the dentist turned full attention to my tooth, and there was a sudden rush of activity as they gave me an increase in the drip solution and I went in deeper. I could feel them moving things around in my mouth working fast, pinches and pressures, etc. As I emerged from the very deep place, I clearly heard the dental assistant on my left say as she looked into my mouth, “Well, that’s certainly gonna hurt this kid for a while”. 


Back to the    present time, that was what the second opinion dentist I was now with, wanted to hear. 


He emerged me, and told me that he had checked it all out thoroughly and there was no medical reason for the continuing pain. He asked me if I wanted the pain to go away. I said "Yes." He put me into another trance, I recall just a little of it—that the pain would disappear, slowly…and I emerged.


He sent me home with my parents. And the pain slowly disappeared, until the next day, about noon, just before lunch, it disappeared completely, as I sat down at the kitchen table and my mom made me a tuna-fish sandwich, toasted, with the crust cut off, which I ate pain-free.


Alan Barsky, M.H., C.Ht.

San Francisco Area

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