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Hypnosis Video: Alan Barsky speaks about Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

“Alan is easy to talk to, because he listens.” 

“He brings a high degree of commitment and professionalism.”                

Errol Strider, Radio Commentator, Playwright and Educator

"Alan is a competent, trusted, 

and effective hypnotherapist.”
    Dr. Gerald S. Cohen, Menlo Park

"I happily endorse Alan Barsky.
    Dr. Eric Greenleaf, Larkspur

"Read Alan Barsky’s Self-Hypnosis books on the digestive system “How To Get Unstuck”  or “ IBS Relief.”  "...These are helpful self-hypnosis books for those ready to start on the journey of self-empowerment."       Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. 

"I felt better, as soon as I spoke with him.

Call Alan now. This works."

Carol Adel, Graphic Artist, mother of two young children

"Alan listens.   I felt valued, acknowledged, appreciated, seen and heard. He took me seriously.”      

Sandy Cohen, MFT, Marriage Family Therapy Counselor

I recommend HypnotherapyMarin, Alan Barsky. I have sent him 5 clients inthe last two years, and each one has told me the success they achieved.  Alan is HypnotherapyinMarin.

                                      Laura Sutta, Photography, Oakland, CA

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

for over 15 years.


Co-author of four books on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Nationally known speaker and seminar leader across America

“Alan Barsky is an exceptional hypnotherapist.  He has helped me and a number of friends of mine for weight loss, anxiety and sleep.


Call me and I will tell you how good he is" 


Neil Adelman


“I didn’t know  Hypnotherapy could make me feel so much better about myself.

I feel good and self-confident.


—Carol 0‘Brien, 
   Graphic Designer

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