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Watch Alan Barsky speak about Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

“Alan is easy to talk to, because he listens.” 

“He brings a high degree of commitment and professionalism.”                

Errol Strider, Radio Commentator, Playwright and Educator

"Alan is a competent, trusted, 

and effective hypnotherapist.”
    Dr. Gerald S. Cohen, Menlo Park

"I happily endorse Alan Barsky.
    Dr. Eric Greenleaf, Larkspur

"Read Alan Barsky’s Self-Hypnosis books on the digestive system “How To Get Unstuck”  or “ IBS Relief.”  "...These are helpful self-hypnosis books for those ready to start on the journey of self-empowerment."       Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. 

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

for over 15 years.


Co-author of four books on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Nationally known speaker and seminar leader across America



Certifications & Training


Weight Loss Program

“I didn’t know  Hypnotherapy could make me feel so much better about myself.

I feel good and self-confident.


—Carol 0‘Brien, 
   Graphic Designer

"I felt better, as soon as I spoke with him.

Call Alan now. This works."

Carol Adel, Graphic Artist, mother of two young children

"Alan listens.   I felt valued, acknowledged, appreciated, seen and heard. He took me seriously.”      

Sandy Cohen, MFT, Marriage Family Therapy Counselor

Alan's Weight Loss Program really works.

Not a diet, but a Mindful Eating practice to rethink How you eat the foods you do, and ways to kick in your body's metabilism to burn excess away that takes no excercise or special diet.

Which is easier to use to make change in your life?
Your will power or your hypnotic imagination?

“Alan Barsky is exceptional.  He has helped me and a number of friends of mine for weight loss, anxiety and sleep.


Call me and I will tell you how good he is" 


Neil Adelman

NAIL biting
Hair Pulling
Skin picking
OR the Lap Band/Gastric Bypass  hypnosis instead of surgery... HYPNOBAND®

All the benefits of a surgical lap-band, gastric band, without the surgery or cost.  THIS IS the Best fast weight loss. The mind accepts that you have a gastric band fitted so your stomach is very small, you feel full faster, so you eat less.” 

–John MaClean




 Comparison Study:


American Health Magazine

  Psychoanalysis:          38% recovery after

                                                       600  sessions.

  Behavior Therapy:      72% recovery after  

                                                          22 sessions.

  Hypnotherapy:             93% recovery after

                                                             6 sessions.

Most people see Alan from three
to 6 times to resolve most issues

Watch a potato chip (crisp) being set on fire, in a British accent.

" I Quit Smoking!"


Me?  I never thought I could. Amazing first session did the trick and really got to me to succeed in a highly personal way.


That was what I needed."

Matt Danito, Attorney

“I now fall asleep easier and more importantly, get right back to sleep if I awaken in the middle of the night.

Marlene Alexander,
Interior Designer

"The definitive book on hypnosis is the Bible. "And God put Adam into a deep sleep". It never indicates that he awakened him. We become awakened by searching, asking and using our knowledge. Another saying goes, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he". That's it-the secret to the meaning of life. As You Think. That is the condition of your life. You, as hypnotist, change the key and change the condition. People come to us already hypnotized. We de-hypnotize them".

Sol Lewis, Director, Michigan Hypnosis Institute

IBS Relief
Get help for Irritable Bowel
Is your stomach in knots?
I can help.


• Private sessions

• Ebooks

• Recordings



End the shame of IBS

“I felt better
as soon
as I spoke
with Alan
on the phone.​

My sessions were productive and valuable. This works.”   

Carol Adel, Sausalito

"Your take-home is a combination of emotional foregiveness, and physical responsiblity. I endorse HypnotherapyMarin".    Douglas Rosestone, Redwood City

Use Your Imagination
Grow Your Imagination
Count Your Blessings
 Use Your Imagination
Use Your imagination
Use Your Imagination
Tranquil forest
Lilly Pond

Activate your imagination

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