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Case Studies:


TMJ--tight jaw.

My style for success here, is a little different.


Yes, I have been successful with TMJ. However, through a different insight.


Human life is stressful. So, of course, clenching returns. The object is to get you to learn to use your own self-hypnosis, so when it does, you can do certain preventative exercises, mental exercises, listen to a recording, and take care of it and keep it under control. 


During the session, I will show you a few exercises that help immediately. Plus, show you a link to a part of the body, that really controls the jaw. A way of shifting that tension.


Stress is a natural part of life. It comes and goes. Learning to handle it, whenever it may return, is the most effective way.


Plus one or two formal hypnosis trances that I will record, to send to you, to play as needed.


It is usual to  handle this in one session, sometimes two. Session might be up to 75 minutes. If there are other Anxiety issues to work on, follow-up sessions, as needed.


Case Studies

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