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What To Say and Not to Say. Specific and effective Medical Comunication with patients, and to yourself.

Spoken about at PAINWeek for over a decade, this straight-forward to the point guidebook, makes sense and is easy to follow. Written initially for Pain Clinicians, this 22 page Handbook for Frontline Practitioners, will help you EASE through the complex demnds youir patient's expect of you.

Including:  • Specific wording to say.

• Balancing your inner thoughts at work

• Sleep better

• Manage Time effectively without the stress.

Patient Communication is key to your work satisfaction.

22 pages packed with decades of experience.


Communication is the second most important part of your daily job. And is sometimes the hardest one to handle.  Mastering your attitude is step-one Key. By following the step-by-step exercises in this workbook, you Relax into Focus, Become Alert, and Live in the Moment.  You move into “The Success Zone” at will.  This is the basic guide for doctors, nurses, pain clinicians and other medical practitioner's to take care of themselves and their patients—simply and effectively.


Refresh yourself, and read it during work breaks,  and reset your attitude, mood, thinking and self-mastery. Work goes smoother, operating in "The Zone".


For Doctors, Nurses—what not to say and... "BEDSIDE MANNERS"

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