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"How To Get UnStuck", is a Self-Hypnosis System, with the Quantum Focusing protocol. Endorsed by Medical Doctors and many major health professionals. The Workbook is filled with information, tips and 23 practical mental excercises in Self-Hypnosis. They are matched to the list of 17 Hypnotic recordings that speak the trance to you, as you read it in front of you. 6 are best read outloud to yourself. This multiple process doubles your brain's neurons to work together for you to learn this "mental martial art" of Quantum Focusing. The result? You take charge of your life, health and career. 

     This is a step-by-step mind-programming for you to succeed. You overcome what has held you back as you live in the present, not worry about the future, or regret the past. You actually will learn Self-Hypnosis. It is a skill of the mind. You will find this System easy to read, understand, practice and follow to master the skills. 

     Sometimes life situations start your bad habits. If you repeat these bad habits, they become bad choices and life feels difficult, even feels hopeless at times.

       This workbook helps change it all. It uses the science of Quantum Focusing, a Mindful Self-Hypnosis System that has been proven to work for tens of thousands. Overcome what hold you back now. It is never too late. Speak out loud the Titles of of these chapters: Building Self-Confidence, Controlling Your Body, Stress Management, Forgiveness, Meeting the Hypnotist Within, Healing the Inner Child, Conquering Anxiety, Aids to Being Calm, Motivating Yourself. Does this sound like something you want? There is plenty in here. 

     Want to remember your dreams? There is a page on that. This manual is in use by thousands of clients of hundreds of professional hypnotherapists all over the world. It comes with hypnotic recordings of each of the hypnosis trances taught in the manual. So, you can read the chapter, and then just sit back, play the recording, and listen. Or do both at the same time, for twice the power. Let Alan Barsky's voice take you into a comfortable place, where the inside of your mind opens up, and your thoughts rearrange so that you like yourself better, and change those old bad habits, into new, good habits that treat you right. If you have any questions, Alan Barsky, the author, has supplied his personal email and you can ask him. You can even take personal hypnosis sessions with him from anywhere in the world, over the internet (Skype/Zoom). Welcome to a new experience for your mind, the Quantum Focusing Self-Hypnosis System.


"How to GET UNSTUCK" Workbook with Recordings. Quantum Focusing protocol.

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