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A Workbook for Adult Students. Especially valuable For College students that work while going to college.This Workbook was designed to ease you through the complex demands in your student life.

• Let go of Stress

• Prepare and Pass Tests

• Balance school and work

• Enjoy your life

• Sleep Soundly

• Manage Time Effectively

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This workbook is Your Key To Success

Mastery over subjects like math, science or business 

concepts are important. But mastering yourself is the Key to your Success at school, at work, at home and throughout your life.

By following the step-by-step exercises in this workbook, 

you Relax into Focus, Become Alert, and Live in the Moment.

You move into “The Success Zone” at will.

"College students! How to STAY ON TRACK" to Graduate, plus Succeed in Life

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