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IBS Relief System. Read anytime, but especially WHILE ON THE TOILET FOR RELIEF. This is what to do while sitting and waiting. Plus LISTEN to the recordings that match the scripts inside. Relieve your symptoms of IBS while you are experiencing the symptoms!


Hope is Realistic. Relief is waiting for you. If you have settled for a lifetime of spending too much time suffering from and thinking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then read this book. Practice the mental excercises. Understand the concepts in this sytem, and get ready to make a change in your life. Follow the mental excercises in this amazing, Medical Doctor approved and endorsed workbook, and watch your symptoms disappear. Your mind can finally rule your body and not the other way around. Change your thoughts, change your life.

      This is a package of readings, mental excercises, breathing techniques, mental visualizations, meditations, clear logic and insights into exactly what is happening and the why and finally, what to do about it. The time you spent with uncertainty, can now be spent on the road to recovery. Listen or read together or separately. 

IBS Relief System—Workbook & Recordings for symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

$37.00 Regular Price
$24.68Sale Price
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